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Olympus Insurance Company is revolutionizing the Florida homeowners’ insurance market. With quality products, financial strength and superior service, you can be confident that Olympus is here to stay. Our uniquely disciplined organic growth strategy differentiates us from many other Florida insurers. The emphasis on steady, conservative expansion continually strengthens our financial position and enables Olympus to provide the finest possible service to Florida property owners. Agent or homeowner, inland or coastal, doing business with Olympus always means peace of mind.

Our focus on three core areas makes this possible:

Financial Stability

A solid balance sheet and disciplined business strategies leave no doubt that Olympus will be here when our policyholders need us.  As of September 30,2014, Olympus has more than $25 million in policyholders’ surplus and $58 million in Net Admitted Assets.  Olympus also maintains a conservative level of aggregate exposure relative to our capital capacity.  Our Catastrophe Excess of Loss Reinsurance Program is consistently placed with some of the world’s finest reinsurance partners, further protecting the solvency of Olympus through the most extreme catastrophic events.

The time and care Olympus invests in evaluating risk factors is critical to maintaining competitive rates. The proof of our responsible practices and careful underwriting policies is a consistent Financial Stability Rating® (FSR) of A, Exceptional from Demotech, Inc. To verify and review the most current FSR for Olympus, visit www.demotech.com or call 800-354-7207. For an overview of FSR benefits and acceptances as well as the services that Demotech provides rated clients, visit www.demotech.com/FSRBenefits.

Agent and Customer Focus

Olympus understands that providing exemplary service to our customers and agents is the key to success. Beyond a portfolio of products designed around customer needs, Olympus provides value-added support and expert counsel. Seasoned professionals with extensive experience in underwriting and risk management have bred a culture of refined strategies that are further supported by Olympus’ strong financial position. The same expertise and professionalism that instills confidence in our agents and customers is positioning Olympus for continued growth throughout the Sunshine State. For more information, please visit our Resources page.


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