If you have any questions about the coverages provided within your policy or your premium, please contact your agent directly.




Olympus Contact Information

Telephone 800-711-9386
Customer Service Option 4
Customer Service Fax 866-716-6927
Customer Service E-mail customer.service@olympusfl.com
Direct Reporting of Claims 866-281-2242
Claims Email Address olympusclaims@narisk.com
Marketing 866-787-8297

Underwriting and Customer Service Addresses

Mailing: Olympus Insurance Company
  P.O. Box 100219
  Columbia, SC 29202-3219
Overnight: Olympus Insurance Company
  1501 Lady Street
  Columbia, SC 29201


Flood Policies

Customer Service, Underwriting, First Notice of Loss:   866-931-1306
Claims Information, after initial claim is reported:   800-765-9700
Fax Number:   866-931-1307
E-mail Address:   olympusflood@bintechpartners.com


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