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For any unexpected catastrophe including roof and water damage, make your FIRST call to the Olympus Claims Team at 866.281.2242 or file a claim online by clicking the button above.

Handling claims fairly and efficiently is the guiding principle at Olympus. We know how overwhelming a sudden loss or property damage can be, and we want our customers to have the same level of service we would hope to receive. Our goal is to relieve some of the stress and begin the process as quickly as possible. In cases of home water damage, Olympus has partnered with water-mitigation experts Rytech to guarantee a 15-minute response time.*

The Olympus claims team has deep experience in detailing losses and damage, estimating repair/replacement costs, and reviewing your policy for applicable coverages. In times of trouble, you will always have the ultimate assurance: A strong, responsive insurer that is dedicated to handling your claim effectively, promptly—at the level of personalized care you deserve.

  • For more information about our claims process, please review our Claims Kit.
  • Learn more about how to protect yourself against insurance fraud by viewing the videos below.

Additional contact information is listed below.

*Please note that response times may be extended during catastrophic weather events.


Insurance fraud is a CRIME, and you should be informed about the consequences. Fraud affects everyone — not just the insurance company! When you, your neighbor, or your contractor commits fraud, insurance rates go up across the board — and now, with recent crackdowns in the industry, jail time could be involved. Lives, families, businesses and careers are ruined every day by insurance fraud. Protect yourself; don’t commit fraud, and report fraud when you know about it. Watch these important videos to learn more about the impact of insurance fraud on you and your premiums.

Don’t let a roofer tell you he can get you out of your deductible. Make no mistake, that is insurance fraud.

A “free upgrade” to a big screen isn’t worth being charged with insurance fraud.

Insurance fraud is not a victimless crime. Someone always has to pay.

People think that no-one ever gets caught committing insurance fraud. That would be the wrong assumption!

The solution to stopping the rise of insurance rates is to stop the rise of insurance fraud.

Assignment of Benefits (AOB) without checking with your insurance company first is one of the biggest reasons for insurance fraud.

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Direct Reporting of Claims 866.281.2242
Claims Email Address [email protected]
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Customer Service, Underwriting, First Notice of Loss: 866.931.1306
Claims Information, after initial claim is reported: 800.765.9700
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