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Quality Florida Homeowners Insurance

At Olympus, we specialize in quality Florida homeowners insurance. You can have peace of mind by placing your trust and confidence in us to protect the valuable asset you call home.

Why is that? Since we call Florida our home as well, our agents and office staff have a deep understanding of all the unique coverages and options that may be needed by our clients. They work relentlessly to find the very best policy tailored to your individual situation, whether you’re a year-round resident, a seasonal Floridian, or an investment property owner.

To find out the best coverage for your home, please complete the short form on this page and one of our friendly representatives will guide you through the process.


What Makes Us Different From Other Florida Homeowners Insurance Providers?


Olympus Insurance is highly service-oriented, putting the needs of our clients above anything else. We believe that this personal service has become sort of a “lost art” in today’s business world. You will work one on one with a licensed insurance professional that has extensive underwriting and risk management experience.

He or she will take the time to counsel you as to the appropriate policy for your home. We’ll take into consideration important aspects such as the size and age of the residence, location, contents, and other issues that affect the policy type, coverage and cost. You’ll have a full understanding of how the policy works so that you can make smart choices regarding your homeowners insurance protection.

This is something that you’ll never get from the internet or 800 number discount insurance providers.

Most of the larger Florida homeowners insurance providers have actually left or are trying to leave this market because of the immense losses they take from natural disasters here. Those that are still here have drastically increased the cost of their insurance policies, putting a strain on Florida homeowners.

As an organically grown Florida homeowner insurance company, we are committed to providing our clients with insurance protection that is backed by the money to pay claims. You can rest assured that we’ll keep the promises made in your policy because we have unparalleled financial strength.

In fact we keep an immense amount of excess surplus above the state’s requirements in reserve accounts to ensure that your claims will get paid – even if the worst of catastrophes strikes again.

We can keep your policy premiums as low as possible through the expert analysis and consultative approach our representatives use when working with you. Finding out how you can benefit from being backed by an Olympus Florida homeowner insurance policy, is really quite simple.

Just fill out the short form on the right hand side of this page.


Olympus – The Emerging Leader Of Florida Homeowners Insurance Companies


Founded in 2007, Olympus is financially stable and we’re growing by leaps and bounds at a rate of approximately 3,000 new policies per month.

Currently Olympus underwrites more than 67,000 Florida homeowners insurance policies with confidence. That means claims are reviewed and paid as promptly as possible, allowing our clients to get on with their everyday lives, even in the face of serious weather-related damages or other catastrophes, big and small.

Take a few moments to get to know Olympus Insurance and to learn more about our dedicated agents and staff. You’ll quickly see why we can provide the best selection of homeowner insurance policies in Florida.

Don’t let your home go unprotected (or under-protected) any longer! You can request a free, no-obligation Florida home insurance quote today by simply filling out the short form on this page.

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