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Florida Homeowners Insurance

Olympus Insurance Company’s broad form provides property and liability coverage for a range of dwelling values from $100,000 to $2 million. Olympus wants you to have the complete peace of mind that comes from knowing your home and assets are adequately covered and protected against every fundamental peril. That’s why Olympus homeowners insurance includes features beyond the scope of most standard policies and flexible options for customized coverage:

  • Every basic policy has 25% Ordinance and Law coverage instead of 10%—a critical advantage on homes built prior to 2002
  • Pool screen enclosures covered on a replacement basis—the finest protection available
  • All homes insured to $250,000 also have $500,000 in liability limits
  • Purchase cost replacement coverage on contents is available to virtually any amount
  • Animal liability, backup of water/sewage, and sinkhole endorsements are available
  • Optional endorsement for home extended replacement cost up to 125%
  • Scheduled Property coverage options for highly valued personal property
  • Spartan Enhanced Coverage Package for a cost-effective way to add elevated levels of personal property and liability protection

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