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June 1 to November 30

Just like you, we monitor the threat of severe weather.

At the FIRST sign of damage, call Olympus Insurance FIRST.  We are here to help.  Our Claims Team is on call for you 24/7 when severe weather hits your area.

Here are some important things to know:

•To report a claim, call our Claims Team at 866-281-2242, or visit

•If you suspect water damage, contact us immediately or contact our fully-vetted water mitigation partner Rytech at (800) 865-8787

Whenever there is a possibility of severe weather, it is very important to prepare and stay safe.  Please take a moment to review the Hurricane Preparedness – Quick List below.


Hurricane Preparedness – Quick List

Prior to the beginning of the hurricane season, review preparation procedures and consider purchasing supplies. Prepare supplies for sheltering in your home as well as a kit for evacuation.

  • Purchase supplies of nonperishable food and water
  • Make a family plan: who does what, when and where
  • Prepare properly and document contents of home
  • Know where to turn off water and electricity
  • Install and/or test smoke detectors
  • Keep gas tanks full in automobiles
  • Establish a link with out-of-state contacts
  • Know emergency arrangements for child’s school
  • Make an evacuation plan for your pets
  • Put copies of necessary documents in waterproof evacuation kit

Supplies: At home

  • Keep 2 weeks of cash on hand
  • Collect 2 weeks of nonperishable foods
  • Store 2 gallons of water per person (and pets) per day
  • Stock up with medications, personal care and first aid items
  • Check flashlight batteries, matches and fuel for camp stove
  • Have a cooler that can be filled with ice for food

Supplies: Evacuation Kit

  • Take 2 weeks of cash
  • Carry document copies in the water proof container
  • Bring medications, personal care items, clean clothing & first aid kit
  • Bring carriers to confined pets in an emergency
  • Transport a cooler with ice for necessary perishables
  • Pack a battery operated radio, phone charger and extra batteries


Advance Preparation

Before June 1st, review the family sheltering an evacuation plan, get your home ready and purchase supplies.


Property Preparation

Trim Trees: to allow ample time for the County to collect the weakened or dead tree limbs, shrubs and bushes, do trimming before the season begins. Single-family homes may have to contact their local Trash Division to collect plants waste.  DO NOT pile loose debris curbside once a hurricane watch or warning has been issued.

Windows: Check that shutters are in working condition. All new shutters must me the Florida Building Code, and City permits are required for installation by a licensed contractor. If you are covering windows with plywood, replace warped pieces and make sure all hardware is available and in place.

Document property: Take photos or videos to document property and in case it is needed for insurance purposes. Make photocopies of insurance policies, wills, stock certificates and other important papers including passports, Social Security card, immunization records and bank account information. In the event of an evacuation, these copies will go in your evacuation kit in a sealed waterproof container.



Prior to hurricane season, residents who need assistance with daily living, medical needs, or specialized transportation may be required to pre-register with their local Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program.  Individuals needing a pet-friendly Hurricane Evacuation Center (HEC) may also be required to pre-register.


Hurricane Watch Preparation

Once a ‘watch’ has been issued, this is a 36 to 72 hour period in which you will finalize steps for preparation. Proceed with the following preparations as they apply to you, and monitor news broadcast for possible evacuation orders and all updates.

Review your supply storage.  Pay special attention to water quantities, batteries and flashlights.

Secure outdoor items. Lawn furniture, potted plants and garbage cans full under this criteria.  Secure outdoor items and multi-family buildings. Remove all balcony items and ask your building association what else you’re required to do.

Fill your car(s) with the gas. If you’re leaving a car outside, park it is close to a building as possible away from trees.

Pool preparation. Lower the water six inches, add extra chlorine, turn off the electricity to the pool pump and securely cover the pumpkin plastic.

Boat and Trailer preparation.  Stored inside a garage or lash to the ground.  For docked vessels, plan safe moorage in advance of drawbridge lockdown.

Beach and ocean restrictions: as per city ordinance 2005.237, during dangerous weather conditions, swimming, surfing, fishing or waterskiing are strictly prohibited and violators are subject to arrest.


Information Resources

Familiarize yourself with the Government Center location, phone number and content in the websites below. Bookmark these links on a computer, tablet or phone.

Sign up for Emergency Weather Warnings








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