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In Florida, property owners come in all shapes and sizes. Some live in the Sunshine State year round and others spend only the winter months in Florida. Still, others reside out of state but own investment property that they rent to vacationers and other tenants. At Olympus Insurance, we offer Florida property insurance for all kinds of homeowners.

Florida homeowner’s insurance is our specialty. Recognizing that everyone’s home is a little different from the next, our experienced agents take the time to examine the details of each home and create a policy that’s right for that particular customer. Similarly, our condo insurance addresses the unique needs of each condominium owner, offering the right amount of protection for items that are not covered by association master policies, including interior walls, flooring, cabinets, appliances, personal property and personal liability.

Types of property insurance include policies written specifically for rental properties, that is, those who own homes in which they do not live. This kind of FL property insurance – also known as landlord property insurance or dwelling fire insurance – can be designed to cover rental properties ranging from single units to multi-family dwellings.

These policies protect the landlord from damage to their property as well as other damages they may be legally obligated to pay. While it doesn’t normally cover a tenant’s personal property, it will also cover items the landlord provides for tenants’ use, including appliances, tools, and furniture. Most of these policies also include liability coverage, provide legal expenses in the event of a lawsuit, and offer lost rental income.

In addition, Olympus Insurance provides “scheduled” Florida property insurance for valuable personal property that is not covered within the parameters of standard homeowners and condo insurance policies. Scheduled property insurance can protect expensive jewelry, furs, upscale furnishings, and anything else that requires a little more coverage. This way, clients can rest easy that even their most highly-valued items are safe from theft and damage.

Because Olympus Insurance has underwritten tens of thousands of insurance policies, customers can be assured that their FL property insurance is backed by a company that ranks among the best in the Florida insurance business, with agents that know the ins and outs of the state’s insurance requirements. That means clients are never left in the dark and can be assured that their investment properties and personal items are safe, even when the unexpected occurs.   Request a free Florida property insurance quote today!

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