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Seek help from the Olympus Insurance
Claims team

We understand that this might be your first encounter with a claim, but dealing with these situations is routine for us. Count on our expertise and support as we guide you through life's unforeseen events.

How to File a Claim with
Olympus Insurance

Insured Portal Video Tutorial on how to file a claim. A message from our CEO and a visual walk-through on filing a claim through our insured portal.

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a Claim

Step 1
Report Claim

In case of damage to your home or property, prioritize the safety of yourself and your family. Next, report your claim through our Insured Portal online or reach out to us via phone at 866.281.2242 as soon as you detect damage.

For emergency repair services like roof tarping or window boarding, get in touch with our team right away, and we will promptly send help your way.

If possible, take precautions to prevent additional damage and safely capture photos and videos of the affected areas.

Step 2
Certified Elite Member/ Adjuster Assigned

Description: You will be paired with a claims adjuster and a Certified Elite Member to assess your damage swiftly and expedite your claim. In cases of severe damage, our Certified Elite Members may be tasked with documenting the damage for our adjusters. Your assigned adjuster or Certified Elite Member is on hand to address any queries you may have regarding the process. We aim to reach out to you within one business day, depending on the volume and severity of the claims.

Step 3
On-site Inspection

When an inspection is needed, your designated adjuster or Certified Elite Member will arrange it based on your schedule. Inspection reports outline the damage and provide documentation, such as photos, to ensure all damage is documented. For more extensive damage, additional information may be necessary, such as a leak detection service or an engineering report to identify the cause of loss. These specialized experts might need some additional time to provide accurate reporting. Our goal is to keep your claim moving forward smoothly and as a top priority, with aim to contact every 72 hours to go over the next steps.

Step 4
Repair & Payments

Once a claim has been filed and coverage determined, we utilize a third-party electronic funds transfer company for most deductible payments to be processed. If your claim qualifies for digital payment, you will receive an email directly from One. Inc to set your payment preferences. Our Elite Repair Program offers comprehensive claims support exclusively for Olympus Policyholders. Our Certified Elite Members are highly experienced, offer 10-year workmanship warranties, and are family and/or veteran-owned businesses ready to assist you and your family. If assigned, we will handle payments directly to the contractors, ensuring you can continue to be stress-free.

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Elite Repair

The Elite Repair Program offers the highest standard of claims handling. To keep our promise to you and exceed your expectations, Olympus is proud to offer the Elite Repair Program, exclusively to our policyholders.

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Avoid unwelcome solicitations and third-party fraud

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No inconvenience of contractor scheduling or payment

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All our elite members are hand-selected for their commitment to quality and attention to detail

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Offer workmanship warranty on all replacements and repairs

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All of our elite members are licensed and insured

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Peace of mind

Ensures hassle-free claims experience unmatched in the industry

Frequently Asked

How do I access my policy documents, review coverages, deductibles, and agent information?

Log into your Insured Portal account, by clicking here!

Should I contact and/or hire a licensed contractor before reaching out to Olympus when I have a loss?

Do not sign any contracts for repair or replacement of damaged property until you speak with Olympus Insurance and the work has been authorized by an Olympus Insurance representative.

The repairs to my home will be completed through the Olympus Elite Repair Program, what does that mean?

The Elite Repair Program is designed to guide, support, and protect our policyholders through the entire claim process.

We have partnered with trusted, licensed contractors statewide who are qualified as Certified Elite Members with an unmatched commitment to quality and attention to detail, ensuring you will receive the highest level of service you deserve.

  • When a loss is covered under your Olympus policy and the Elite Repair Program is utilized, there will be no additional costs to you beyond your deductible for repairs to the covered property damage caused by the reported loss, as approved by Olympus.
  • For additional information, watch this short video and visit the portion of our site for the Elite Repair Program.
What is my hurricane deductible and how is it applied?

Your deductible is the dollar amount or percentage you will be responsible for in case of a claim. Your deductible will vary depending on your policy, the hurricane deductible, which applies only to damage caused by named storms, is usually a percentage of the Coverage A amount.

  • For example, if your Coverage A amount is $400k and your hurricane deductible is 2%, then your hurricane deductible is $8,000 (see your declarations page for policy specifics).
How do I receive claim payments?

If the repairs to your home will be completed through the Elite Repair Program, all we need from you is your deductible and we will handle the rest! That is the beauty of the program and what makes it a hassle-free experience.

I filed a claim, now what should I expect?

1. Review the details from your ‘Claim Acknowledgement Email’.

2. In the email will be your claim number, assigned adjuster, and their contact information for your reference.

3. Please keep area of damage in its original loss condition if possible. If not possible and you need to make urgent repairs, please be sure to record all of your damages with photographs and/or video to provide to your adjuster.

4. If applicable keep any appliances and/or parts, (plumbing, electrical, filters, water lines, etc.), and building materials that have been removed or replaced. If a plumber or contractor is involved, please advise them of the same.

5. Your assigned Certified Elite Member will call you to schedule an on-site inspection to begin the process.

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