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We are made up of earnest, empathetic, knowledgeable, optimistic and trustworthy team members we recognize that insurance is a promise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many homeowners have questions about their homeowners insurance policies. This FAQ can help answer those frequently asked questions.

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Hurricane Preparedness

HURRICANE SEASON: June 1st – November 30th. Review preparation tips and a quick list of supplies.

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Fraud Alert Video Library

Insurance fraud is a CRIME. Educate yourself about the costs and legal consequences.

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Glossary of Homeowners Insurance Terms

An alphabetized glossary of commonly used homeowners insurance terms.

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Home Inventory Checklist

It’s very important to update your home inventory at least once per year. This convenient checklist can help!

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Roofing and Contractor Fraud Impacts EVERYONE!

Watch this 1 minute video about how the roofing/contractor crisis is impacting you and your premium!

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We asked why insurance agents choose Olympus Insurance? Here is their why in a short video!

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Why Choose Olympus Insurance?

Watch this 1 minute video about what coverages Olympus Insurance offers.

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Claims Resources

These claims resources can help you through the claims process.

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