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Hurricane Preparedness
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Hurricane Preparedness



Just like you, we monitor the threat of severe weather.

At the FIRST sign of damage, call Olympus Insurance FIRST.  We are here to help.  Our Claims Team is on call for you 24/7 when severe weather hits your area.

Here are some important things to know:

•To report a claim, call our Claims Team at 866.281.2242.

Whenever there is a possibility of severe weather, it is very important to prepare and stay safe.  Please take a moment to review the Hurricane Preparedness – Quick List below.

Hurricane Preparedness – Quick List

Prior to the beginning of the hurricane season, review preparation procedures and consider purchasing supplies. Prepare supplies for sheltering in your home as well as a kit for evacuation.

  • Purchase supplies of nonperishable food and water
  • Make a family plan: who does what, when and where
  • Prepare properly and document contents of home
  • Know where to turn off water and electricity
  • Install and/or test smoke detectors
  • Keep gas tanks full in automobiles
  • Establish a link with out-of-state contacts
  • Know emergency arrangements for child’s school
  • Make an evacuation plan for your pets
  • Put copies of necessary documents in waterproof evacuation kit

Supplies: At home

  • Keep 2 weeks of cash on hand
  • Collect 2 weeks of nonperishable foods
  • Store 2 gallons of water per person (and pets) per day
  • Stock up with medications, personal care and first aid items
  • Check flashlight batteries, matches and fuel for camp stove
  • Have a cooler that can be filled with ice for food

Supplies: Evacuation Kit

  • Take 2 weeks of cash
  • Carry document copies in the water proof container
  • Bring medications, personal care items, clean clothing & first aid kit
  • Bring carriers to confined pets in an emergency
  • Transport a cooler with ice for necessary perishables
  • Pack a battery operated radio, phone charger and extra batteries

Advance Preparation

Before June 1st, review the family sheltering an evacuation plan, get your home ready and purchase supplies.

Property Preparation

Trim Trees: to allow ample time for the County to collect the weakened or dead tree limbs, shrubs and bushes, do trimming before the season begins. Single-family homes may have to contact their local Trash Division to collect plants waste.  DO NOT pile loose debris curbside once a hurricane watch or warning has been issued.

Windows: Check that shutters are in working condition. All new shutters must meet the Florida Building Code, and City permits are required for installation by a licensed contractor. If you are covering windows with plywood, replace warped pieces and make sure all hardware is available and in place.

Document property: Take photos or videos to document property and in case it is needed for insurance purposes. Make photocopies of insurance policies, wills, stock certificates and other important papers including passports, Social Security card, immunization records and bank account information. In the event of an evacuation, these copies will go in your evacuation kit in a sealed waterproof container.


Prior to hurricane season, residents who need assistance with daily living, medical needs, or specialized transportation may be required to pre-register with their local Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program.  Individuals needing a pet-friendly Hurricane Evacuation Center (HEC) may also be required to pre-register.

Hurricane Watch Preparation

Once a ‘watch’ has been issued, this is a 36 to 72 hour period in which you will finalize steps for preparation. Proceed with the following preparations as they apply to you, and monitor news broadcast for possible evacuation orders and all updates.

Review your supply storage.  Pay special attention to water quantities, batteries and flashlights.

Secure outdoor items. Lawn furniture, potted plants and garbage cans full under this criteria.  Secure outdoor items and multi-family buildings. Remove all balcony items and ask your building association what else you’re required to do.

Fill your car(s) with the gas. If you’re leaving a car outside, park it is close to a building as possible away from trees.

Pool preparation. Lower the water six inches, add extra chlorine, turn off the electricity to the pool pump and securely cover the pumpkin plastic.

Boat and Trailer preparation.  Stored inside a garage or lash to the ground.  For docked vessels, plan safe moorage in advance of drawbridge lockdown.

Beach and ocean restrictions: as per city ordinance 2005.237, during dangerous weather conditions, swimming, surfing, fishing or waterskiing are strictly prohibited and violators are subject to arrest.

What is an HO3 policy?

An HO3 insurance policy is the most commonly written type of homeowners insurance policy. It covers anything that happens to your home except things which are specifically excluded – meaning they are written down in a list in your policy as not covered. An HO3 policy will generally cover any and all damage to your home with the exception of flooding (which is generally covered separately in the State of Florida by policies issued through the National Flood Insurance Program), damage done to vacant properties by vandals or unattended pipes, damage caused by neglect, damage caused by earthquake, nuclear disaster, or terrorism, etc. Reading your HO3 policy thoroughly and understanding the exclusions is an important part of purchasing a homeowners insurance policy. Ask your Olympus Insurance agent to help you determine if you need more coverage than an HO3 policy provides.

Am I required to carry homeowners insurance?

The State of Florida does not require that you carry homeowners insurance. However, if you carry a mortgage on your home, your financial institution will almost certainly require that you carry insurance to protect their interests. If you own your home free and clear, you may opt to carry homeowners insurance to help protect your investment. If you buy into a condominium or townhouse, the board may require you carry part or all of the insurance responsibility. If you own an investment home that you rent out, you may need to carry renters insurance. Ask your agent which type of policy is appropriate for your needs.

What factors can affect my homeowners insurance premiums?

Homeowners insurance premiums may be affected by the age of your home, roof and its construction, or by its location and proximity to dangers (such as flood zones) and emergency services (such as the fire department). Protective devices like burglar alarms, upgraded door and window locks, smoke and CO2 detection systems, or fire extinguishers and sprinkler fire suppression systems may help lower your premium, as can impact resistant glass or hurricane shutters. If you have a pool, the type of security in place around it may also affect your premiums. Ask your agent if you think any of the above may apply.

What is a home inventory?

A home inventory is a list of all valuables in your home. A good home inventory will also include photographs of each item, including any model or serial numbers, and receipts showing when and where each item was purchased as well as the price paid, along with any recent appraisals of high ticket items. Having a home inventory can help your insurance company reimburse you correctly after a home disaster or robbery. Ask your agent if they have suggestion about items you may wish to list.

Do I need extra insurance for my jewelry / fur / gun / baseball card collection?

Your homeowners insurance may have a caps on coverage limits that can vary based on your individual needs. If the limit is not sufficient to cover luxury items or valuable collections you own, you can purchase a separate policy that provides scheduled or enhanced coverage. This policy will help cover specific items of value in your home in case of theft or other loss. Ask your agent if you are unsure about an item’s value and whether or not it is covered.

Does my homeowners insurance policy cover my pool or outbuildings?

Policy language can be exceedingly specific and vary from carrier to carrier. At Olympus we cover damage to your home, pool, and any structures on your property such as pool screens, docks, or fences if damaged by a covered peril, but other carriers may offer different coverage options or exclude the coverage completely. Ask your agent if you are unsure about what is covered under your policy.

What do the different sections of my homeowners policy cover?

Section I of your homeowners insurance policy covers damage to your property. Section II provides personal liability coverage in case someone is injured on the property.

What is the difference between “actual cash value” and “replacement cost”?

An actual cash value reimbursement is equal to the current value of the item or structure, which depreciates over time. Replacement cost will cover whatever is necessary to replace the item or structure lost. Ask your agent about your specific policy and what it covers.

What is my deductible?

Your deductible is the dollar amount or percentage you will be responsible for in case of a claim. Your deductible will vary depending on your policy and any additional riders. Your hurricane deductible, which applies only to damage caused by named storms, may be a different amount than your “all other perils” (AOP) deductible, which covers damage done by other causes, such as burglary, fire, vandalism, water damage, or windstorms that are not part of a named storm. You may be able to secure a lower annual premium by raising your deductible, or a lower deductible by raising your annual premium.

My roof was damaged in a storm. A roofer who was looking at my neighbors’ houses came over and offered to fix it. What should I do?

Call Olympus first, no matter what kind of damage your home has sustained. We can help make sure you get the service you need from a reputable contractor. If anyone offers to eliminate your deductible, or asks you to sign anything – especially an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) form – politely decline and call Olympus to avoid fraud and help protect yourself. Ask your agent for more information about the correct claims process.

There is water damage due to a leak I just discovered. My friend said it won’t be covered because it’s been going on for over a month. What do I do?

Olympus doesn’t automatically exclude water damage due to a leak that has been occurring over two weeks or longer. Call Olympus first, and we can help you determine if your water damage is covered.

A tree from my neighbor’s yard fell on my house. What do I do?

Call Olympus first. We can work with you to get your claim settled quickly and your home restored. You won’t have to negotiate with your neighbor or their insurance company; we’ll take care of the details.

My new washing machine was either defective or installed improperly, causing water damage. What do I do?

Even if the damage to your home was the fault of a manufacturer or technician, call Olympus first. We can help you quickly restore your life to normal, and if necessary we can recover the costs of paying your claim later through subrogation of the responsible party.

What is flood insurance? Is it included in my homeowners policy?

Flooding is not covered under standard HO3 policies, but flood coverage can be crucial for protection of your Florida home. Flood insurance is available through insurance agents or directly from the National Flood Insurance Program, and premiums are set by FEMA for federal flood insurance policies purchased for moderate and low-risk areas. Flood insurance may be required by your mortgage holder if you live in a high-risk flood zone, and premiums for those regions may be higher than the national standard.

I can’t find a piece of valuable jewelry that I was certain was in my jewelry box. I’m not sure if it was stolen or lost. Am I covered?

Olympus provides protection in case of accidental loss, theft, or “mysterious disappearance” under our Scheduled Personal Property Coverage.

I work out of my home office frequently, and have a computer, printer, and other business items in my home. Are these covered?

Olympus offers up to $10,000 in coverage on property on the “residence premises” used at any time or in any manner for any business purpose when you purchase Spartan Enhanced Coverage.

What kinds of discounts are available to lower my homeowners insurance premium, and how can I qualify?

Olympus offers several types of discounts and credits on premiums. Having a particular type of roof or a roof 2002 or newer, or installing a home security system are just a few ways you may be able to lower your annual premium. Ask your agent about potential discounts and credits.

Is expanded coverage available?

Olympus offers Scheduled Personal Property Coverage for broader protection with higher coverage limits, and Spartan Enhanced Coverage to provide up to five times more protection for your home, personal property, and personal liability.

Can I report a claim 24/7?

Yes, to report a claim, call our Claims Team 24/7 at 866.281.2242 or complete our online claims form.

Do you provide any claims resources?

Yes, Olympus has prepared a comprehensive claims kit to assist you through the claims process if you should ever need to file a claim.