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Florida Flood

Despite the annual threat of floods due to weather events, many Floridians lack flood insurance. Standard homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood damage, so in the event of a major storm or hurricane causing flooding, you may be left to cover the expenses on your own.

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Living in Florida? You are
at risk of Flooding!

With a population of nearly 23 million, over 1,350 miles of coastline, and an average elevation of only 6 feet above sea level, every home in Florida faces the risk of flooding, even in designated "low risk" areas.

Olympus flood carrier

Olympus collaborates with two Flood Carrier partners to ensure you have coverage options! a National Flood Insurance Program partner via a National Flood Program partner, and Neptune, a partner in the private flood market.
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Contact your agent
to assist you

We encourage you to obtain flood coverage through one of our flood partners to ensure peace of mind! Reach out to your agent to discuss flood coverage and options. Your agent is the best resource to quote and assist you with placing the right coverage for you and your home.

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Other Insurance

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Florida Townhouse Insurance

Every household in Florida faces the potential of flood damage, including those in designated "low-risk" areas- we have a solution!

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Solar Panel Endorsement Coverage

For the homeowner who has gone green with Solar! Our solar solutions include coverage for a variety of products including solar panels and solar roofs. In today's world, homes are integrating advanced solar technology, and we aim to provide coverage options for it!

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Buried Utility Line Coverage

BUL Coverage protects homeowners against the expense of costly excavation and damage to repair or replace underground utility wiring and piping.

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Equipment Breakdown

Protection sophisticated household equipment. From kitchen appliances to home entertainment equipment to air-conditioning systems, more and more of today’s homes are outfitted with sophisticated equipment. We offer equipment breakdown coverage through an optional endorsement.