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Florida Landlord
Rental Insurance

Dwelling Fire policies cater to homes rented to others or used seasonally, including coverage for short-term rentals (minimum 3 days). Our tenant-occupied and/or seasonally occupied coverage offers various options, from basic to comprehensive, similar to those found in homeowners' insurance.

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Details for Rental and
Seasonal homes

Our comprehensive Rental Property insurance policy (also known as Florida Landlord Property or Dwelling Fire) rivals the Homeowners Special Form. Our rental property coverage is designed for residential rentals as well as investment, seasonal, and short-term rentals (3-day minimum), properties owned by individuals or other entities. These policies protect the property against losses to the home structure, loss of use or rental coverage, and cover certain landlord-related liabilities. Personal property such as landlord-owned furniture and appliances is not automatically covered but this protection is also available.

Policy Options
and Inclusions

Optional personal property coverage, at replacement cost or actual cash value.
Short term rental coverage (3-day minimum) for coastal or inland properties.
Optional water back up, sump overflow, and more customization is available.
LLCs, partnerships, corporations and other entities may be written without personal or premises liability coverage.
Optional coverage for screen enclosures.
Deductible options that suit your preferences.
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Review your policy annually
It's recommended to review your policy coverages yearly with your agent. If you're considering renovations such as a kitchen remodel or a new roof for your rental property, remember to notify your agent of updates. Substantial home repairs and enhancements could qualify for a premium credit.
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Consider Hiring a Property Manager
Hiring a property manager can simplify your landlord responsibilities and make the rental process smoother. Just like vetting tenants, it's crucial to thoroughly screen potential property managers. Remember to request local references and interview several candidates before making a decision.
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Follow a Tenant Screening Process
The primary objective of tenant screening is to identify reliable tenants who will pay rent punctually and treat your property with care. To choose responsible tenants, sifting through numerous applications is crucial to pinpoint suitable candidates or use a management company to assist in this process. Some are key factors to consider when selecting a tenant, their ability to pay rent in full monthly, a lack of criminal record, and a positive rental history.
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Require Renters Insurance
In a world filled with lawsuits, mandating renters insurance, can prevent legal issues in case of damage to the renter's possessions. Moreover, renters insurance is typically affordable, making it a manageable expense that most tenants can readily and willingly afford.

Other Insurance

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Florida Townhouse Insurance

Every household in Florida faces the potential of flood damage, including those in designated "low-risk" areas- we have a solution!

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Solar Panel Endorsement Coverage

For the homeowner who has gone green with Solar! Our solar solutions include coverage for a variety of products including solar panels and solar roofs. In today's world, homes are integrating advanced solar technology, and we aim to provide coverage options for it!

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Buried Utility Line Coverage

BUL Coverage protects homeowners against the expense of costly excavation and damage to repair or replace underground utility wiring and piping.

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Equipment Breakdown

Protection sophisticated household equipment. From kitchen appliances to home entertainment equipment to air-conditioning systems, more and more of today’s homes are outfitted with sophisticated equipment. We offer equipment breakdown coverage through an optional endorsement.